Do you provide QR Codes in Vector / SVG format?

We provide PNG and PDF QR Code downloads of high-quality, print-ready, 4K resolution.

We do have an option for SVG, which we can enable for your account, but since we use the latest version (SVG 2), these images render well only in Chrome Browser and need to be printed from there.

Our SVG images may not work in Illustrator or similar software as these software may not support the latest SVG features. However, some of our customers have reported that they were able to create a vector for Illustrator by printing the SVG file from Chrome browser as a pdf.

The steps for using Chrome to create vector PDF are as follows:

1) Download the SVG file and open it in the Chrome browser

2) Print the file via Chrome (Right click and Print or Ctrl P)

3) In the print option, choose Destination => Save as PDF

4) Save the PDF file. It should be in vector and may be opened in other software.

To enable the QR Code SVG download option in your account, please email us with the subject line "Enable SVG."

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