How to set up domain white labeling?

White Labeling allows you to replace the default QR code URL with a custom URL. You can remove the vendor's name and URL from your QR code and landing page and replace it with your branded URL.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate the White Labeling for your account:

Step 1: Upgrade your plan to ULTIMA or the above plan. You can take a look at our pricing page:

Step 2: Go to Dashboard.

Step 3: Click on Account.

Step 4: Select Your Subdomain checkbox.

Step 5: Enter your domain name. For example: If your domain name is, enter the domain name as

Step 6: Upload a favicon of your brand. 

Step 7: Click on save.

Now that you have saved your white-label details, it's time to add the CNAME rec in your DNS settings.

Step 8: Sign In to your domain host account (e.g.,

Step 9: Select your domain name and click on Manage DNS.

Step 10: Add/Edit the CNAME record as shown in the pic below:

After successfully adding the CNAME, please email us at through your registered email id with the subject: CNAME added. 

Our tech team will take care of the SSL certificates, and White Label will be enabled for your account within two business days post receiving the email.


Once the white labeling is enabled for your account,

  1. You must edit and save the existing QR codes and reprint them for the white labeling to take effect.
  2. Any request to change the white labeling domian again will incur an additional charge of $200 (USD)

Click here for a complete guide to QR code White Labeling.

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