How to set up domain white labeling?

White Labeling allows you to replace the default QR code URL with a custom URL. You can remove the vendor's name and URL from your QR code and landing page and replace it with your branded URL.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate the White Labeling for your account:

Step 1: Upgrade your plan to ULTIMA or the above plan. You can take a look at our pricing page:

Step 2: Go to Dashboard.

Step 3: Click on Account.

Step 4: Select Your Subdomain checkbox.

Step 5: Enter your domain name. For example: If your domain name is, enter the domain name as

Step 6: Upload a favicon of your brand. 

Step 7: Click on save.

Now that you have saved your white-label details, it's time to add the CNAME rec in your DNS settings.

Step 8: Sign In to your domain host account (e.g.,

Step 9: Select your domain name and click on Manage DNS.

Step 10: Add/Edit the CNAME record as shown in the pic below:

After successfully adding the CNAME, please email us at through your registered email id with the subject: CNAME added. 

Our tech team will take care of the SSL certificates, and White Label will be enabled for your account within two business days post receiving the email.

Note: Once the white label is enabled for your account, make sure to edit and save the existing QR codes and reprint them.

Click here for a complete guide to QR code White Labeling.

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