What is the difference between digital business card and vCard Plus?

Digital Business Card is an enhanced and more versatile version of vCard Plus.

We recommend using digital business cards: https://www.qrcodechimp.com/digital-business-cards, as vCard Plus may be deprecated in the future.

Here are some of the key differences and features of the Digital Business Card as compared to vCard Plus:

  1. Expanded Templates Selection: Digital Business Cards provide a set of 21 pre-defined templates to choose from, offering greater design options compared to vCard Plus.
  2. Customization: Unlike vCard Plus, Digital Business Cards offer high levels of customization, allowing you to personalize various aspects of the card according to your preferences.
  3. Additional Content: Digital Business Cards go beyond standard contact information by enabling the inclusion of additional content such as PDFs, YouTube/Vimeo videos, and custom fields for adding other relevant details.
  4. Email Signature: Digital Business Cards provide the functionality to incorporate an email signature, allowing for a more comprehensive representation of the individual or business.
  5. User Experience: Digital Business Cards offer an improved user experience compared to vCard Plus. In addition to the standard feature of saving the contact information to the phonebook, users can perform various actions with the digital business card:
    1. Share the digital business card with others.
    2. Add the digital business card to the home screen for quick access.
    3. Save the digital business card to Apple Wallet for easy retrieval.
    4. Add the digital business card to the Gallery for convenient reference.

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