How to customize the colors of a digital business card Apple Wallet Pass?

To customize the colors of the digital business card's Apple Wallet pass, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Digital Business Card page:
  2. Go to the Design/Settings tab of Digital Business Card.
  3. Go to the Colors section.

    Go to Colors section in Design/Settings tab
  4. Customize the primary color, secondary color, and primary profile text color.

    - Primary Color affects the background color of the Apple Wallet Pass.

    - Secondary Color affects the color of the company name (Subheading), name, and email.

    - Primary Profile Text Color affects the color of the Job Title (Heading)

    Customize DBC Apple Wallet Pass color
  5. Click on Save.

Note: The modifications will not reflect in the already added Apple Wallet Pass. Please make sure to save the digital business card to Apple Wallet Pass again to update the existing Apple Wallet Pass.

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