I'm locked out of my account. What is the process to regain access?

In case you have access to your email id, please try to reset the password.

In case you are not able to reset the password:

Case 1: If your registered email id is a personal email address (e.g., @gmail.com, @hotmail.com)

Please send us an email via your registered email id. Our support team will help you regain access to your account after proper verifications.

If you have professional email id:

Case 2: If your registered email id is a company's email address (e.g., @qrcodechimp.com) and person handling your QR account on QRCodeChimp has left:

Please ask someone with authority in your company (e.g., HR) to email us a formal request which states to change the account's current email address to the new email address.

After proper verification your request would be completed.

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