I'm looking to create a QR code that could download multiple calendar events all with one qr code, is that possible?

Follow these steps to create a Google Calendar QR code for multiple events in a calendar:

1. Go to your Google Calendar and create new calendar.

2. Select this newly added calendar and add events to it.

3. Hover on the calendar name, click on the Options (3 dots) icon and select 'Settings and sharing.'

4. Select the 'Make available to public' checkbox under 'Access permissions for events' and click on 'OK' in the 'Warning' popup.

5. Scroll down and copy the public URL of this calendar.

6. Paste the copied link in the 'Google Calendar URL' field of QR Code Generator for Google Calendar.

7. Click on 'Design Color and Decorate QR Code' to customize your QR Code design (ex: adding color, shape, calendar logo).
Note: Click on the 'x' icon of the 'Customize QR Code' popup to save changes.

8. Save the QR Code by clicking on the 'Save QR Code' button, entering the QR name, and then clicking on 'Save.'
Note: Make sure to scan your QR Code from different devices (iOS and Android) before printing for production.

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