How does monthly to yearly plan upgrade work?

If you choose to switch from monthly to yearly billing for the same plan prior to your upcoming renewal date, you will be required to pay the full amount specified for the Yearly billing. However, your renewal date will be adjusted accordingly in this scenario. This means that your plan will remain active for the duration of the annual plan (12 months) plus the remaining period of your current monthly plan.

For example, let's consider you initially purchased the PRO (MONTHLY) plan on 29 July 2023, and your upcoming renewal date is 29 August 2023. Now, if you decide to switch to the PRO (YEARLY) plan on 12 August 2023 (before your upcoming renewal date: August 29, 2023), your plan will be valid till 29 August 2024. This accounts for the 12 months of the annual plan and an additional 17 days from your current monthly plan.

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