How to create digital business card QR codes in bulk via API?

To enable bulk upload of digital business cards via API, please subscribe to our ULTIMA or above plan. Make a one-time payment of $100 using this link:

Once the payment is made, send an email to with the subject "Enable digital business cards bulk upload API" and attach the payment proof of $100.

Our support team will enable the API feature for your account.

Once the API is enabled for your account, please follow the below-mentioned steps to create digital business cards in bulk via API:

  1. Go to Digital Business Cards Page ( and enable the Bulk Upload switch.

    Enable the Bulk Upload Switch
    Enable the Bulk Upload switch
  2. Click on the OK button in the popup.

    Click on OK button
  3. In the Content tab, add, hide, or delete components as required.

    Note: You may enter the data in the fields for reference (optional).

    Go to the Content tab and customize the page components as required
  4. Go to the Design/Settings tab, and customize the page color, font style, and page loader as required.

    Go to the Design/Settings tab to customize the page design
  5. Go to the QR Code tab, and customize the QR code design as required with QR shapes, colors, logos, and more.

    Go to the QR code tab and customize the QR design
  6. Click on the Bulk Upload tab, and click on the Continue button to save your work.

    Click on the Bulk Upload tab and then click on Continue button to save work
  7. Enter the bulk name, select the folder (optional), and click on Save.

    Enter the bulk name, select folder (optional), and click on Save
  8. Go to your Dashboard and click on the Bulk QR Codes option in the sidebar.

    Go to the dashboard and select Bulk QR Codes
  9. Click on the More icon (3 dots) of the bulk entry and select the Upload via API option.

    Click on more (3 dots) icon and select the Upload via API option
  10. Click on the Copy icon in the API Documentation popup to copy the QR code format JSON for input.

    CLick on Copy icon to copy the QR code format JSON
  11. Use this QR code format to create the digital business card QR codes in bulk via API.

    Note: For more information, refer to the API Documentation:, and to get the API key and secret, go to the API Keys settings in your dashboard or click here:

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